Excellent news: SB9 – a Senate bill allowing lifer juveniles to have their life without parole sentence reevaluated by a judge – has passed the California Assembly.

This is a major achievement. Leland Yee has been pushing this issue for years. The full text of SB9 is here. And there is more information on the Fair Sentencing for Youth website.

In order to pass, the bill needs to be reaffirmed by the Senate (which has already approved it) and signed into law by the Governor, who is already being pressured by opposition groups.

Here’s what you can do to help: Click here to contact the Governor, and your Senator, and express your support for the bill.

And: Regarding our last post – the California Supreme Court has done the right thing. In CA v. Caballero, the Court has held a 110-year sentence to violate Graham v. Florida. This case joins CA v. Mendez, in which the Court struck down a 84-year sentence for a juvenile who did no harm.

Once you’ve emailed your Senator and the Governor, rejoice with all Californians who believe that everyone, especially at a very young age, should be offered a glimmer of hope and redemption.

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