I’m happily expecting two book release parties–one at work, on 2/11, and one at Book Passage, in the Ferry Building, on 2/25, at 6pm. The invite is for the latter event is here, and I hope you’ll come and bring friends!

As I started to prepare both events I realized I’d feel really bad if the food served did not align with my ethics. I really find it difficult to justify eating animal products (for us humans; my cats are a different story, and one we shall discuss another day.) So, my workplace is kindly accommodating me and ordering a nice spread from Golden Era Restaurant which, to my great joy, is located right behind school. I imagine their kale smoothies will be a bit too much to expect folks to contend with, but their wonderful rice paper tofu and avocado wraps are sure to please.

For the bookstore event, I’m having the good people from Local Love treat all of us to wonderful vegan morsels. I’m really excited about the menu, and am keeping it a surprise even though I love chatting about it; suffice to say, the colors on the table will match the green and orange on the book cover.

I’m so glad about the proliferation of businesses serving folks like me, and I’m sure all attendees, vegan and nonvegan alike, will enjoy their fresh and delicious fare.

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