In all the excitement and fury about the Mueller report, I completely forgot to congratulate our new student-run journal at UC Hastings – the Hastings Journal of Crime and Punishment (HCJP) – which held its inaugural event this Tuesday, titled Extreme Punishment in the Age of Moratorium. The event was a big success. We were very proud and happy to host a range of panelists with different life experiences and perspectives to reflect on Newsom’s announcement. Kevin Cooper called in from Death Row. Kelly Savage, from the California Coalition of Women Prisoners, provided the perspective of a recently released lifer, identifying long life sentences as “walking death.” Alex Post of the State Public Defender’s office discussed the continuing litigation on behalf of death penalty inmates. Steve Wagstaffe, the San Mateo District Attorney, discussed the need for extreme punishment and his interactions with victims. And David Crawford of Death Penalty Focus talked about the political aspect of Newsom’s announcement.

The first issue of HCJP, which is forthcoming, will feature, among other wonderful things, a summary and/or transcript of the panel.

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