Millions of people grieve the loss of legal giant Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg today and appreciate her enormous contributions to fairness and equality. I would have loved to discuss Justice Ginsburg’s legacy in criminal justice decisions (I’m planning to do that in class on Monday) but apparently we don’t get a second to mourn and respect, because we’ve already been thrown into an imbroglio of political machinations and cost-benefit tactics. Today I did an explainer with Manny Yekutiel of Manny’s, which I’m happy to share in case it is useful.

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  1. Hadar
    thank you
    miss you
    would love to have a safe visit
    if ever you have time..
    keep on…
    rick geggie

    jonelle linked me.

  2. Hadar
    please say more about epiphanies, awareness, atonement and redemption
    rick geggie

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