What a day of good news! First, we hear winds of reform at San Quentin. Then, Chad Goerzen and I receive word that FESTER has been approved for publication by the UC Press Editorial Committee (and coming to a bookstore near you in January 2024.) And then, I hear the verdict in the Foster Farms trial: NOT GUILTY!

As explained in this Los Angeles Times story by Christian Martinez, two activists, Alexandra Paul and Alicia Santurio, faced misdemeanor charges for rescuing two chickens, Ethan and Jax, from a truck, moments before they were brought to a slaughterhouse. This video depicts the rescue:

This is the second time that activists rescuing animals prevail in criminal courts. I’ll know more about the trial later next week, though I do know that a legal opinion I wrote in 2018 played a role. When I learn more about the legal issues, I’ll post a follow-up. For now, good news all around. Saving animals is not a crime!

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