The news from Israel are unprecedented – the whole country is ablaze with protests against Netanyahu’s government’s plan to reform the judicial system. Netanyahu announced a pause, but the bill is still on the Knesset’s agenda for after the High Holidays, and this is a good time for English-speaking folks to figure out what is happening. So, I’ve uploaded a lecturette I created that walks you through the basics of this serious civil conflict.

I’m also organizing two events: a lecture at UCLSF on Thursday at 12:30 and a public event with colleagues and friends at Manny’s on Monday, 4/3, at 7:30. If you want to learn more about the situation.

Please, treat the Israelis and Palestinians around you with extra kindness this week. It is hard to be away from family and friends when hundreds of thousands of people are out in the streets, facing violent government-sponsored goons and Ben Gvir’s oppressive police (the cops are throwing stun grenades on protesters and hosing them from trucks.) It is also very hard for our Palestinian friends who face even more violent provocations under this horrendous government (anyone who thinks their situation is already at its worst and the government makes no difference is seriously deluded.) And please consider how you can help the fight against U.S.-based think tank Kohelet Policy Forum, which is puppeteering and funding this illiberal government from here.

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